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        Presafer (Qingyuan) Phosphor Chemical Co., Ltd is professional in R&D, manufacturing, and distributing halogen free flame retardants. With a registered fund of 30,000,000 yuan, Presafer covers an area of 50,000 square meters. More than 40 employees have bachelor degree or more advanced degree, accounting for 30% of all staff.

        Main product of Presafer consist of phosphorus, nitrogen and intumescent flame retardants with an annual output of 20,000T. They are widely applied in fireproof coating, textiles, epoxy resin, PP, PE, PA, PBT, TPU, TPE, EVA and UPR to reach relevant fireproofing standards. Moreover, Presafer’s product also meet the requirements of RoHS, REACH and TSCA. Rather than domestic market, our sales network has covered international market in Asia, Europe, America, Australia and other countries. >>> 

        Halogen Free Flame Retardant Manufacturer

        Halogen Free Flame Retardant Manufacturer

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        Tel: 0763-3129090

        Fax: 0763-3129091






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